About Us

Arlington United will include top travel teams that will compete with the best in the region. Up to three teams per age group will practice and play on Arlington fields, play a competitive tournament (including at events run by national organizations) and NVTBL schedule, and will be managed by coaches with experience at the professional, collegiate, and/or high school levels. 

Players on the top two teams are not required to play recreational baseball, though are encouraged to do so.  Local team(s) will also play a competitive travel schedule, and players on these teams will participate in the Arlington Senior Babe Ruth spring league to maximize opportunities to develop and grow as ballplayers.    

Arlington United Baseball is partnered with Arlington Senior Babe Ruth (ASBR) to provide the opportunity for everyone to play baseball.  ASBR offers a strong recreation baseball program in both the fall and spring that is open to all players. In addition, ASBR offers summer All-Star teams that participate in the Senior Babe Ruth national all-star tournament. Several Arlington all-star teams have made it to the Senior Babe Ruth World Series in the past few years!  A player must participate in the ASBR spring season to be eligible for All-Stars.

Note: aspiring Arlington United players will not be given preference based on the travel organization with which they have previously been affiliated. Rising 13U players coming from ATB will not be given preference over players coming from Storm Baseball, or vice versa. Likewise, rising 14U and 15U players coming from Senators Baseball or ASBR Summer All-Stars will not be given preference over players coming from Arsenal Baseball, or vice-versa. Baseball decisions will be made by Arlington United baseball personnel, based on player skill levels and the best interests of the organization. Players are strongly encouraged not to wear identifying travel hats or gear when they try out for Arlington United.


Arlington, Virginia