Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play United (birthday cutoff, grade level, residency)?

Any player, age 13-15, residing in Arlington is eligible to play for United baseball. A limited number of players living outside of Arlington can participate on the Regional and DMV teams.
13U Age Cutoff: April 30 of their Spring Season
14U Age Cutoff: Players in the 8th Grade
15U Age Cutoff: Players in the 9th Grade
15U players entering 10th grade in the fall can register for tryouts. A team for this group may be formed depending on interest and talent level at various positions.

Note: We reserve the right to make offers to players based on where we believe they would best have the opportunity to thrive and/or build a combined 13/14 or 14/15 JV team if the registrations suggest that.


What is the time commitment? How often will the players practice and play games?

The Regional and DMV teams:
At least two practices a week
Often a mid-week NVTBL game
Weekend NVTBL or Tournaments (Local and Regional)
Schedule built around High School Baseball in the spring

The Local team(s)
Generally practice 2 times per week
Play Sunday and/or mid-week NVTBL or local tournaments in the fall and summer.
Schedule built so that they can play ASBR or High School Baseball in the spring

ASBR All-Stars Teams (13u, 14u, 15/16u)
Players that are selected for the ASBR all-star teams will practice 3-4 times per week and play four-five tournaments in the summer. Usually 12-man rosters.
Tryouts around May 20
Play in local Memorial Day Weekend Tourney
Play two tournaments in late June
Play Babe Ruth Trail Tournaments
Districts (around July 4)
States (mid-July)
Regionals (late July)
World Series (early August)


How many Local teams will there be?

Depends on the number of players and depth of talent, but when fully built out, we expect to have at least 3 teams (Regional, DMV, local) per age group.

What if a player is playing another sport (fall, winter, spring, summer)?
Players are encouraged to play other sports.
During the summer season, players should make Arlington United their number one priority.
All players will communicate potential conflicts with other sports/other activities to the Director of Baseball Operations prior to each season.


What is the estimated cost per player per season?

Expect fees to be competitive with other travel programs in the area.


Is the commitment to the team for an entire year or per season?

Players are assigned to a team for an entire year. There may be cases where it is agreed by the DBO, coaches and parents that it would be in the best interest of the player to move to another team in the program.


Do families pay a fee per season or for an entire year?

A deposit is required at time of commitment, and then additional payments will be scheduled for the course of the year.


Are United team winter workouts mandatory?

No. We will develop a schedule for workouts at BC6 through the winter, and we encourage players to take advantage of the opportunities. Players may seek instruction and physical development training with other trainers.


Where will the winter workouts be held?

Primarily at Barcroft 6 (GW).


How far will players and parents be required to travel?

The goal is to find competitive opportunities for various teams. So as their name suggests, the regional teams may need to go farther afield than the local teams, who will often play within an hour (or so) radius. We will look for competitive tournaments for various levels.


What uniforms will you provide?

United will have a home uniform jersey and an away uniform jersey. We will also provide hats and practice t-shirts. Players will purchase a pair of white pants and gray pants, exact style TBD. In our first year, we will ask families to pay the cost for uniforms (TBD) upfront so that we can make the initial investment.


How does the tryout process work?

We will have an organized tryout process, with the goal of providing fair and independent talent evaluations. Our DBO and coaches will work with independent evaluators with baseball experience to evaluate and score the players. Players will be directed NOT to wear any uniform of another travel team or league affiliation.


Who are the team coaches?

Coaches will be selected and assigned to teams by the United program directors and the baseball director. United seeks to hire high-level coaches with extensive playing and coaching experience who understand the teenage player and will aid in the physical, mental and emotional development of the player.


How many coaches per team?

Most teams will have two coaches per team. We will utilize “roving instructors” to complement the team coaches by providing specialized instruction.


Will players have the opportunity to move up or down levels within the program?

Yes. Each season all players are reevaluated and may be moved to a different team.


How will teams be formed in the spring if several players are playing on their school teams (HS, private)?

Teams may be combined from various levels if needed.


Are United players required to play in the ASBR spring house league?

Players on the Regional and DMV teams are not required to play ASBR, but they are encouraged to do so. Players on the local team(s) are required to play in the ASBR house league in the spring. Any player that plays ASBR in the spring is eligible to play ASBR summer all-stars.


If a player is on the Regional team or the DMV team, can they play ASBR spring house league?

Yes, and they are encouraged to do so.


If a player on the Regional team or DMV team wants to play for the ASBR summer all-star team, can they do that?

Yes, a player on one of these teams that wishes to play ASBR all-stars may opt to do so. This player can play with the Regional or DMV team through the fall and spring and then try out for the ASBR all-star team around May 20. This player must play in the ASBR spring house league. The player cannot play both ASBR all-stars and United travel simultaneously in the summer season. This player must notify the United Baseball Director in writing of his intention to try out for ASBR All-Stars by April 30.


Are some pitchers classified as “pitchers only” on any of the teams?

Not generally. Players on teams ages 15 and younger will play a position and bat.